The 52-acre peninsula in Connecticut’s Bridgeport Harbor has been home to some of the mightiest manufacturing companies in the country, dating all the way back to the Industrial Revolution. But for more than 20 years, the city of Bridgeport has envisioned converting the antiquated industrial area into a waterfront destination for the public, and this fall the anchor store of the long-awaited transformation will be open to the public.

“It’s an exciting project, and when we complete the harbor walk along the waterfront, it will give people access to the water they haven’t had for a century,” Bridgeport Landing Development LLC Development Administrator Steve Tyliszczak says. “This project is part of the city and Mayor Bill Finch’s strategy to return the former industrial waterfront along Long Island Sound and our rivers to the people. It’s a good strategy, but it takes a long time.” 

As a leading energy logistics firm Buckeye Partners L.P. focuses on improving the integrity of its infrastructure and expanding it to take on new marketing projects. “Buckeye is a different brand of company and I was attracted to them because of the entrepreneur-type of approach it has to building projects,” Senior Director of Engineering Services Craig Brown says.

The Houston-based company provides mid-stream energy logistics services. Buckeye owns and operates one of the nation’s largest independent petroleum products common carrier pipeline networks, providing refiners, wholesalers, marketers, airlines, railroads and other commercial end-users with dependable, all-weather transportation of refined petroleum products. The company transports refined products by pipeline mostly in the Northeast and upper Midwest.

The Olentangy and Scioto rivers lend scenic beauty to an urban landscape as they flow through Columbus, Ohio, but when substantial rains occur, the city’s sewer system can overflow into them. That eventuality will be eliminated when the Olentangy Scioto Interceptor Sewer (OSIS) Augmentation and Relief Sewer (OARS) project becomes operational in 2016.

Organized into two phases, the first phase will be completed in late 2016 or early 2017. That phase includes boring a tunnel along the Scioto River 20 feet in diameter and 170 feet under downtown, Scioto Audubon Metro Park and the Berliner Sports Park, along with residential neighborhoods. The $77 million Phase 2 – building many of the structures underground that will connect the tunnel to the city sewer system and prevent overflows – will be completed in late summer 2017.

Bizzack Construction knows its way around the rough, hilly terrain of the southeastern United States. For more than 55 years, the Lexington, Ky.-based civil contractor has specialized in civil construction projects in its home state as well as in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee. 

“We consider ourselves a leader in heavy highway construction; that’s what we’ve done for all of the company’s existence,” Project Manager Eric Sidebottom explains. “We work closely with owners to provide solutions to their problems in a safe manner and deliver the best possible project for them, as well as the residents in the areas we work in, that we can.”

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